DJ Paypal x Makoto Taniguchi: Reanimation

7:00 pm — 9:00 pm
Yamamoto Gendai

インフラ INFRA presents a newly commissioned work by anime lovers DJ Paypal and Makoto Taniguchi, followed by an artist talk about their collaboration at Tokyo’s Yamamoto Gendai Gallery on August 28.

Tokyo-based artist Makoto Taniguchi and DJ Paypal will riff on anime culture with their own life-size anime character, created by Taniguchi, and accompanied by a soundtrack composed by the latter Berlin-based producer.

Offering an insight into music as a universal activity, the film and live performance crosses cultural and linguistic boundaries, through sound and animation.

Makoto Taniguchi is a Tokyo-based artist whose work is based on the imagery of girls in Japan as they appear in comics and anime, as heartthrobs and idols. These characters , passed down to Taniguchi since his youth in the 80s, are acknowledged as a common, general occurrence within contemporary Japanese society.

Berlin-based producer DJ Paypal’s one of juke and footwork’s most fascinating figures. The elusive artist, affiliated with Chicago’s Teklife crew, his own Mall Music collective, Glasgow underground leaders LuckyMe, and most recently, Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint, has built a family through online footwork forums, SoulSeek mining, and countless tracks shared across the globe. Ever since, he’s been spinning footwork in novel directions, highlighting the genre’s undervalued sense of playfulness in the process.

Makoto Taniguchi
DJ Paypal